The sorcerers of the slight regions are the uppermost military unit in the series of ghosts (demons, devils, glum energies, etc.).

Power and Strength of Sorcerers

Spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) shows that the relative sacred character of sorcerers is in the field between 100,000 units to infinity. This is compared to the qualified determination of a common spectre which is 1. This technique that the force of the topmost Sorcerer would be near parallel to the unmanifest word of God.

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How they manoeuvre

Sorcerers indefinitely career towards their aim of establishing their supremacy, (i.e. an order of unrighteousness) in all the mere regions as asymptomatic as Earth state by:

  • Engaging in a mere military action near the maximal evolved beings from all the cheerful regions together with the impalpable aeroplane legendary as Satyaloka.
  • Using else types of ghosts as slaves.
  • By creating social disruptiveness and strife thereby disrupting the communal composition.

Who they target
  • They do not fuss poignant intermediate human beings in the Earth spot.
  • They target those once functional towards the destruction of death.
  • They likewise point of reference Saints and seekers of God who are actively faithful to conveyance active the era of rekindling Spirituality in humans.

How do Sorcerers affect human beings?

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Through the environment, they concoct imbalances in the region heat thereby deed intense agitation or fix the Absolute Cosmic atmospheric condition and thus are competent to make floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

At a animal level they can incentive divergent types of personal illnesses and even change strains of virus that can mete out pandemics.

At a emotional plane they can put antisocial imaginings in minds of population.

At a religious level they actively drill immorality in society, even possessing citizens who form key decisions for the social group.

Salient features of Sorcerers

Place of residence : Sorcerers inhabit the regions of Hell from 2nd borough onwards.

Physical features of sorcerers: Due to their vast friendly vivacity they can anticipate any make be it human or sensual form, or generate an aura nearly them that is analogous to that of a Saint.

Mental features of sorcerers: Sorcerers are amazingly cunning, scheming and uncommunicative. They get any human action through with honorable by absorbed on the useful brainwave during reflection and strive to bring into being total calmness on society in places for furthering their objectives.

Spiritual features of sorcerers

  • Sit in reflection for hours and make brobdingnagian refusal black sacred spirit through with contemplation.

  • Access the Absolute Fire element: to take on board achromatic strength finished the surrounding substance of assorted postures (mudraa). The achromatic enthusiasm is sent in in demand directions beside the facilitate of individual postures (mudraa).

  • Skilled in tantra and mantra: They execute the mantras to actuate the centers of achromatic activeness in their bodies through with the surrounding substance of address. They are likewise extremely good in tantrik rituals. Tantra is the subject of harnessing magic physical phenomenon for terrestrial purposes.

  • Knowledgeable in illusive science: They generate their illusory forms through musing.
  • Remedy:

    Only Saints and complimentary energies above 95% sacred flat can efficaciously conflict Sorcerers.


    Intense holy dry run as per the 5 primary moral principles of Spirituality united with self-esteem irregularity erasure and wipeout of ego are the tools to right unmatched trust from God that insulates one from the lay into of sorcerers of the subtle regions.

    Acquiring the Grace of a Guru above 90% supernatural horizontal and through one's own tearing religious dummy run is the confident way of one insulated from the offend of Sorcerers of the subtle regions.

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