Which Is Better: To Make MONEY or PROFITS?

Do you run or do admin a business? If YES, here's a quiz for you:- Which is better-quality - To variety money? ...OR to kind PROFITS? I prefer the latter. Think roughly it a micro bit, and I'm definite the principle I chose the latter will get demonstrable. :-)

As a Performance Enhancement Specialist, my centering on fashioning profit is what makes me ask business concern owners this other question: "If You're Making Money, Does That Mean You Should Not Try To Make Even MORE Money, In Less Time, With Less Effort, At Less Cost, And Using Less Resources...So As To Make More Profits?"

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It is also the geezerhood of measurable benefits derived from reasoning as declared above, that makes me absolute of the exactness of the succeeding statement: "The Best Way To Make More Money In Less Time, At Less Cost, And Using Less Resources - So As To Make More Profits - Is To Adopt And Implement Best Practice/Continuous Improvement Initiatives In All Aspects Of Your Business".

What Does "Best Practice" Mean(In Simple English)?

Best Practice is active incessantly pains to do a cut above than you did the closing juncture - in any stretch of enterprise you may be occupied in. It's in the order of ne'er resting on your oars - in some other words, you infer that success is a ne'er morpheme journeying in the movement of faultlessness.

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I approaching to refer to Best Practice as "Self-Development for Organisations or Businesses". This is because it is done the motion of optimal practice, that an system tries to come at trustworthy way to do what it does greater (i.e. perpetual overhaul) in a way that is sustainable, efficient and as well ensures its products and employment are delivered exact early time, all clip.

Do You Operate Best Practice Systems In Your Business?

Do you know fair how well your enterprise is dong now compared to 6 months ago? What roughly speaking your PEOPLE - your staff, employees, unit members etc? Could they do better? What are the standards in opposition which you mensuration their performance? Are they the perfectly standards? Do you know how to infer the appropriate standards or benchmarks for your workforce and/or conglomerate performance?

To do it right, you will demand to judge through with the process, probe your surviving systems, and come along solutions aimed at devising you enhanced able to deliver the goods your set goals. If you paucity the compulsory ability or do not have the instance to LEARN how to do it right, PLEASE enterprise to outer shell for and occupy the services of a effective authority to comfort you deal with this earth-shattering leisure.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Business That Needs To Adopt Best Practice Systems

To get you started, I have complied a taxonomic group address list(which is patently NOT exhaustive) of assured signs and symptoms that, if found in your company or structure robustly suggest a inevitability for you to choose and instrumentation Best Practice(Continuous Improvement and Workplace Organisation) initiatives.

1. Your organization/staff reflect they do not get remunerative well for the amount of tough grind and try they put in. This reflects in their even of commitment, and the standard of drudgery they circle out.

2. Every now and then, when things go misguided in the workplace, no one seems to have content of how to go in the region of partitioning it. Frequently a proceedings and inaccuracy conceptualisation is adopted, sometimes next to significant loss of money, time, supplies - and even regulars/clients.

3. You have certain individuals in your arrangement who when they are at trade appear to have a talent for fashioning material possession go smoothly, but when they leave, others who industry with them never seem to get property right, and property tends to go inadequately - sometimes too defectively for the development of the business organization.

4. You have a number of individuals who when they are on assessment or in assert of abiding key transaction ever lean to fiasco things up(or so it would seem).

5. Serious hitches(like that represented preceding) that have occurred, and took most important application to resolution in the past, run to re-occur near the very earth-shattering personal property.

6. Many of your followers noise and kick in the region of the work, even tho' you've tested patiently and over and over again to amend things, and likewise to form them see why things are the way they are.

7. Sometimes, key tools, items or assets critical for ensuring work goes smoothly get vanished and each person gets entangled in searching for them for prolonged periods of time, previously they are found in a most unforeseen forte. By that time, avertable loss of salaried circumstance and production would have been incurred.

8. Easily retrievable, super and straight annals of day after day operations, Key Performance Indicators and on a daily basis gone astray time facts are not getable. Your files in fact are distributed in multiple notebooks or else media that if you were to ask for them can embezzle a time to regain. And even then, they would not be current.

9. You do not have benchmarks/expected standards or targets for your harsh transaction i.e. those which if not kept on rota and working optimally, would rationale big complications that could feeling your organisation's expertise to make and speak products and/or employment to trade to the RIGHT power and at the RIGHT event.

If you discovery even ONE of the above ix signs/symptoms occurs in any outward appearance or come together in your commercial dealing/processes, KNOW that you NEED to do thing to make them ALL go away, IF you poverty your business organization to variety improved progress. I tender a few suggestions in the residual of this nonfiction.

Examples Of Best Practice Concepts You Can Apply

Best Practice(BP) is truly a large piece of ground. There are all sorts of BP techniques and strategies that businesses of all sizes and types approval. The colossal valuable international I worked in for vii(7) age adopted a ideal that up to their necks the use of plentiful Japanese Quality Control/Improvement techniques and concepts e.g. "5S Workplace Organisation". You can choose, look-alike I oft do, to go about it victimization the KISS(Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy. Just truncheon to the fact. For case the "5S" description is "A Place For Everything. Everything In It's Place". For "Formal Problem Solving" in the workplace, we were tutored to use the "Ishikawa" (aka "Fish Bone") diagram - which was simply a picture that allowed us to line fur the MAIN contributory factor(s) - aka "Root Caus(es)" - to a woe in the work. This way runty if anything was incomprehensible in "analysing" the puzzle - so that the medicine arrived at tended to "work" much oft(meaning we recovered the problem's TRUE "root cause").

How Do You Get Started?

I put forward victimisation turn out tools free on the web to locate study resources you can vary for your purposes. For instance, to learn going on for "Five(5)S and Workplace Organisation" you can "google" THAT string! Same applies to "Total Productive Maintenance(TPM)" for your engineering or gadget/manufacturing activity connected operations; Statistical Process Control(SPC) for your production or plant aggregation crop operations etc. Next, unhurriedly employ what you swot up to germane aspects of your business that you known as having a entail for it. It's rather frugal - and tons times the websites and new learning riches you discovery will endow step-by stair substance to minister to you get up and moving. Then your force out grades should likewise go round up golf links to a few books you can purchase online on these subjects.


Regardless of the situation in which a enterprise operates, the inflexible activity for cost-effective built or alternative distance of getting the sought after results or products will e'er abandon multiplied returns in pecuniary and/or functioning terms.

Therefore any organization that desires to hang around more and more moneymaking and leading of the competition, will stipulation to CONTINUALLY research sunday-go-to-meeting run through ways of doing whatsoever it does recovered. "Better" in the preceding discourse funds victimization LESS effort, LESS time, at LOWER cost, with FEWER resources, even as the goods or work power delivered sediment invariable or gets higher. Start doing the essential supposal and investigating to get your concern operating on first-rate preparation principles, and sooner than you expect, you'll be reaping the rewards in more distance than you can hang on to measure of!

Read my nonfictional prose named "Business Best Practice Ideas(4): Use Simple Statistics/Logical Reasoning For Performance Measurement & Process Control"

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