I've written something like META tags in the past, and I contemplation I'd assist you widen your rummage through engine optimisation pains and loudening your web hits.

Rule #1: META tags e'er go in linking the HEAD tags on your website.
Rule #2: NEVER involve any line breaks in any META tag!

Most every person knows the two original META tags: keywords and info.

Keywords should be in a downhill command of importance. Move your utmost historic keywords to the front, and don't repetition yourself (e.g. auto,parts,auto parts,Auto Parts). Keep the enumerate short, to nearly 25 keywords. If you supply to more than one tribal sort of people, brand keywords in another languages. Lastly, exterminate spaces betwixt the oral communication. Make them "comma" instead of "comma space".

Descriptions should as well be unbroken stumpy and to the component. Around 100-125 characters is going on for the max valid dimension. Make sure you use a few useful keywords in your description, be educational but short and snappy.

Web designers should consider these tags as well:

<meta name="author" content="yourname"> <meta name="copyright" content="Copyright 2004, yourname"> <meta name="generator" content="yourname or company">

These cardinal tags may transmission if you are the administrator of the joint venture/website but not the divine. In that case, the prototypic two lines would be around the ensemble owner, while the ordinal should be the lord or the creator's web computer address.

For guest robots, you may want to add this line:

<meta name="robots" content="index,follow,noarchive">

Although peak robots use the robots.txt file, Google in picky as well pays public eye to the third item - noarchive. This tells the query motor to index the page, but not to storage space it. This comes in handy if you transfer your folio ofttimes. Google will consequently ever move the user to the most modern version of the page, not one that it cached.

Latly, you may privation to reckon these two META tags for our fabulous Microsoft-controlled world:

<meta name="MSSmartTagPreventParsing" content="TRUE"> <meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">

The prime turns off a dimension in MS Internet Explorer which displays "smart tags", or can-do links, to your website. These links can really direct the somebody to your competition's website. Not good!

The imagetoolbar tag prevents Internet Explorer 6 users from swiping your customized art by crippling a toolbar. This toolbar is customarily displayed by doing a right-click on a symbolic and abiding it to disc. While people can frozen stroke your graphics, at lowest possible they'll have to go through a littlest uproar to get it. Hopefully its sufficient of a deterrant to support them distant.

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