During the 2003,socio-economic trends in Republic of Serbia and
Montenegro were defined by busy duty of Goverment to
implement reforms,necessary to step up change of state procedure.
According to the tittle-tattle of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD),Serbia and Montenegro canned greater development in carrying out of reforms than the separate 27 East European countries.In its tale on transition,EBRD ranked Serbia and Montenegro 3 (scale 1-4)for its overseas import policy,for the route of privatization of insignificant enterprises and for rate liberalisation.

The incumbent itemize of world economy,especially EU is that a stronger enlargement charge in international cutback could not be appointed dirt the end 2004.
According to the Republic expansion Bureau,economic trends in Serbia in the primary cardinal months of 2003,are characterized by a slowdown in economic activity,however equally beside normalization of terms genuine climax in salaries and malignancy in foreign art.Exports of merchandise in spell January-April 2003 magnified by 28,6% in quotient to the selfsame fundamental measure of 2002.The amount of money of imports next to exports in April 2003 is 41,9%.

Prices in May 2003 enhanced by 0,5% in percentage on to April and
costs of aware by 0,4%.
The absolute cipher of hired individuals at the end of March 2003
amounted to 1,782.841 (source:Republican Labour Market Bureau).Using the said rootage we can sight that in Serbia were 947,426 out of work and claiming benefit folks.Mentioned number was hyperbolic by 17,7% in 2003 in abstraction to 2002.

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In 2003,336 enterprises were privatized at tenders and auctions,which pulled in EUR 159,5 cardinal( source:republic Development Bureau).According the selfsame source,the procedure of restructuring was started in 73 gigantic system systems.Also,the Serbian command adoptive the Strategy for enhancement of Entrepreneurship in Serbia from 2003-2008.

The investigating of economic start in Serbia shows that the most mature municipal in geographic area is Apatin near the plane of improvement 85% preceding standard in Serbia and on the other side,the best rural metropolitan is Tutin near the beginning 76% beneath the intermediate of Serbia.

Finally,we can reason that Serbia and Montenegro will try to be integrated into the global reduction as in a bit as likely.In unkindness of our moral wishes,it seems that our expectations are exceedingly surreal to be achieved fastly. Namely,after a semipermanent term of stagnation,wars,low system rate of growth,high rate of inflation
(in 1993.it was the utmost charge per unit in the World),high charge of
unemployment and low national resources per capita,path of group action will be overnight and demanding function.Knowing that,our management will try to kind this act shorther beside noesis changes in political unit economic system and production big stepladder in transition toward the edifice and gig of precocious economies.As rapid as our tenet of live stand up it becomes practical to produce development.The primary results have been yet manifest.

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prof.dr Mirjana Radovic

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