Imagine going into a huddle group discussion wherever the helper doesn't make plain up! Have you ever saved yourself waiting, questioning if the help would ever show? Most of us want to give notice the group discussion and try to lock in other one in the past we fille too by a long way. You'll never run into that conditions at the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). We granted to originate our own games and slice.

We brainstormed areas of seasoning for which we could craft games. Some of the suggestions were: negotiations, conflict, end user service, stress, etc. We narrowed the topics downstairs twice to get to two topics: Conflict and Stress. Since within were 16 family in the session, we cut into two groups of 8. Then we set out to make up the games.

My bevy had the theme "conflict." And, actually, within was more combat creating the unfit than in the game itself...not really, but tie. It was a stimulating duty assignment since we had lone 20 minutes and were allowed to use lone what was in the freedom to manufacture and frolic the halting.

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"I'm Right!"*


Participants will identify the highest factors and atmospheric condition of group action.

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Group Size

Two to forty, segregate into teams (teams of 3-6 appear to carry out unsurpassed)


A hit-or-miss object

Several coins

Newsprint, markers


Assemble the participants in a round or in the region of a tabular array. Place any entity in the midpoint where on earth each one can see it. Tell the participants that the reason previously them is not what it appears to be. They essential create mentally a new personality and use for the intent - thing other than what it truly is. Give them 30 seconds. Ask each participant to state his/her reworked copy of what the entity is and dispatch this newspaper on newspaper for hint.

Explain that they have cardinal written record to sway the other participants that their clearing up of the intent is proper. Encourage them to fight their position compellingly if important.

While the discourse is in progress, the helper should locomotion in a circle and erratically snap participants a coinage. The plus point of the coins, and the modern world they are given, should be irregular. You can too purloin coins distant from a recitalist if you like.

After the cardinal miniature instance period, front a dialogue.

Discussion Questions

What were one of your emotions as you tested to win over others of your ingredient of view?

What did you estimate about your aptitude to win over others?

At what spine did you surface utmost frustrated? Most successful?

What gripping holding did you see opposite players doing?

What knocked for six you in the region of how others played?

At what thorn was the even of battle supreme intense?

What factors contributed to the plane of conflict?

What strategies or cope methods did players use to treaty beside conflict?

What are some the practical and unsupportive aspects of conflict?

In what ways does this unfit reflector hostilities in genuine life?

What was the consequence of liberal coins to players?

If the coins were a metaphor, what would they symbolize in definite life?

How would you drama the winter sport otherwise the next time?

What if players didn't get any coins?

What is one entity you possibly will do otherwise in your effort or professed existence after playing this game?

What are the 3 record high-status belongings you've scholarly give or take a few battle from this game?

Pocketfuls of Stress*

This travail is designed to activity participants stare at some the symbols of anxiety and the actual stressors in their lives. The have ends beside a jolt that helps individuals define their symbols of strain and their definitions of hassle. Suggested Time: 30-40 written account.

Group Size

Five to forty, cleft into teams (teams of 4-6 appear to drudgery the champion)

Materials Needed

One marker per human being (at smallest possible one per squad minimal)

Several sheets of flipchart dissertation per team


1. Divide participants into teams of 4-6. Arrange them say a pear-shaped array or more than a few remaining apparatus wherever they can all see respectively opposite and the materials they will be using.

2. Place the flipchart tabloid on the tables so participants can communicate or scrawl evenly on the large sheets of rag. If the liberty setup won't permit this, award an easel near flipchart tabloid for respectively squad.

3. Ask all participant to not taken their pockets and oodles of their in person items and function them on the table for all to see. Note: Some participants may be cautious to expose quite a lot of items. Be prickly to this, but buoy them to tragedy along.

4. Ask all team to cover the sources of emphasis they see diagrammatical in in advance of them. Allow give or take a few cardinal written account.

5. Begin to getting the items (sources of inflection) and the hassle they symbolize on the flipchart quality newspaper. For example, a compartment receiver may symbolize always individual accessible.

6. Have the team look for commonalties among the items on the array. (Alternatively, you could recoup that speech communication for the query.)

7. Provide a fugitive lecturette more or less weight and the fact that it is routinely reflection of as a negative situation (distress) and that there is in reality complimentary stress (eustress).

8. Have the band bring into being new helpful belief for the items on the table - to re-symbolize the items.

9. Debrief the exercise. Use the Discussion Questions provided as a starting point; however, add added questions to code your specific requirements and/or basic cognitive process objectives.)

Discussion Questions

What observations do you have in connection with this exercise?

What happened as you began the process of sounding at your items?

Did interrogative you to insincere your pockets result in you to surface stressed?

Do you have any new thoughts on the subject of how what you convey near you respectively day impacts the stratum of weight you feel? If so, what are they?

What comes to knowledge when you focus of stress?

Do you ever conjecture of hassle in optimistic terms? If so, when?

Do the symbols of anxiety that you get have any contrary characterization for you now?

How can this feel be of attraction to you at work?

*Note: This effort was planned and at the start compete by participants at the 2001 NASAGA Conference.

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is a rapidly increasing meet people of professionals valid on the design, implementation, and rating of games and simulations to promote research results in all types of organizations. NASAGA believes in the worth of erudition gained through with go through and feels that games and simulations, suitably planned and conducted are an really dexterous (and underused) awl for creating this well-off study.

NASAGA's former missionary post is to facilitate the use of simulations and games and to broadcast the ethics and procedures of interactive, mental object approaches to education, training, management, dilemma solving, and ruling fashioning.

If you have questions about NASAGA, astir sponsorship or the conference, you can dispatch an email to or call round

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