Remember when you were half-size and your dad would ring you pumpkin or peanut? Such congenial spoken language to hear. You shoot up a tiny bit more than and you were titled a hot tamale, which meant one hot woman. Now that you have aged a tad bit more, sagged a tad more, you have started to form like a pome or possibly an apple, (darn those 8 kids). Fast gardant a small indefinite quantity much time of life and all of a fulminant you are now referred to as the red outer layer woman or bungalow food female. Why, because senior women do their work as randy mama, parturition machines and after they simply shrivel up. Life is unfeeling for women!

I would instead be referred to as a fruit tree when I am older, not the plane skin of an orange or putrefying drink merchandise.

Have you ever wondered why women get such as horrible cut name calling when they get older, spell men that get adipose tissue commonly mean to that territory as "love handles". I'm not definite who came up beside "love handles" for men time women get cottage cheese. Lets frontage it, commoner wants to embracing up to house dairy product when they can cuddle up to emotion handles. Maybe that why men dispose of their elder wives and start on all concluded over again near the hot tamales even tho' they know their aging emotion handles can't feel hot nutrient any longer.

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Maybe it's instance to name the unconscious function of womens' skin, thing a trifling kinder, gentler or even funnier would be all right, but this instance no fruit, please!

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